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Highly Paid Truck Driver Jobs in the USA and Canada

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Truck driving is one of the highest-demand careers in the U.S. and wages continue to rise as more drivers are needed to transport goods across our country. This infographic breaks down trucking salari

Truck driving is a well-paying job with high monthly incomes, but there are other lucrative careers that pay very well as well. Some of the best jobs to have are those in sales and marketing, business administration, management, and education. Truck drivers can average $60,000 dollars per year depending on the load type and their experience level. With more than 100 million Americans participating in some type of truck driving activity, you have a lot of opportunities!

If you have experience in truck driving, including heavy hauling and off-road driving, there are many valuable opportunities in the trucking business. There are high-paying jobs that require experience with all sorts of commercial vehicles, including a variety of trucks and trailers. If you have the right certifications, there are many valuable opportunities in the trucking business.

  1. Ice Road Trucking

Ice road trucking is an extreme form of freight hauling that requires ice roads to be used. Ice road truckers are the highest-paid drivers there are, raking in between $40,000 and $60,000 per year. However, this impressive salary comes at a cost: Ice road trucking is a dangerous job that has resulted in several deaths over the years. The job is hazardous - both for the truck driver and other people who happen to be on ice roads at the same time. Ice road trucking can be dangerous.

2. Hazmat Hauling

Hazmat hauling is another highly lucrative job on the road. Driving and transporting hazardous materials such as gases, flammable liquids, and corrosive substances requires more care and attention than most trucking jobs. Drivers must be able to work safely in these situations, so you'll make good money despite the danger.

3. Tanker Hauling

Dangerous liquids don’t have to be hazardous for you to get paid well as a tanker trucker. In fact, you're likely to haul dangerous liquids, like water or milk. Tanker trucks are oxygen-deprived vehicles, which makes them particularly hazardous while they’re in motion. That's why tanker truckers earn $60,000 on average a year.

4. Oversized Load Hauling

Oversized load truck drivers should expect a very high volume of work. They must receive more training and certification to haul these large payloads without damaging them. While this comes with increased pay, it can be challenging for some drivers who are not comfortable pulling so many miles in one day, especially since the hours can be long and the pay is not always attractive.

5. Luxury Car Hauling

This is a super-exotic job. For those who love to haul the most luxurious cars in town, it could be a dream come true. While this job is typically not for those with only a casual interest in cars, it's still a pretty demanding position. Hauling luxury cars requires skill, experience, and commitment from the hauler. If you are serious about hauling, prepare for a lot of responsibility and possibly some traveling.