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Trucking companies are playing crucial role against Russia in war-torn area

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Trucking industry leaders are working to keep a steady supply of donated medicines and other supplies flowing into Ukraine. Since Russia invaded the region in late February, organizations such as the

A Chicago area trucking and logistics company owner has become a second full-time job for her, helping the people of Ukraine get aid after war erupted in their country. Not only is it a way to help the citizens of her adoptive home country, but Lopatkina also gets a chance to get back in touch with friends who have moved on. The owner of one Chicago area trucking and logistics company is pouring her energy into helping the people of Ukraine.

The Ukrainian government is also trying to help provide humanitarian relief, including food and warm clothing, but supplies are extremely limited because it is currently a war zone. The Ukrainian Red Cross has registered more than 2 million people as refugees in Russia alone.

The logistics in this case are needed to ship goods around the world. As an organization, they need to find the most efficient methods of doing so. This includes shipping things like ambulances, solar-powered water filtration systems for orphanages, and even cases of tequila.

While donations have increased, the nature of donations has changed since the start of the war. Donations are now often facilitated by companies or other non-government organizations and are often larger, consisting of things such as electronics and furniture.

They get donations from the food industry, where the manufacturers come and said they would like to donate some of their food products but just don't know how to ship them. And with our expertise, we can easily handle the shipping and logistics of this important donation.

In some cases, distribution centers have seen diapers, toothpaste, and medicine shipped to their doors by customers who wanted to help relieve their Ukrainian neighbors. But some of these volunteers had never shipped anything before — imagine how excited they were when a U.S. company like Amazon came along with a shipping option straight from the source.”